ETHOS 36C & 54C Condensing combination boilers

Combination boilers have been common place for many years now and are still the popular choice for providing heating and hot water in the homes of today.

They offer a compact all in one solution to your heating requirements, and for the installer the ease of installation and siting flexibility puts the combination boiler at the top of the list.

But ask yourself:

Have you really been satisfied with the hot water production?

Has the flow rate from your hot water taps ever been satisfactory?

The answer is probably NO.

The historical problem with combination boilers is that they quite simply have not had sufficient power to supply at a rate that satisfies the desire for plenty of hot water.

This is true of course until now.

Efficiency and performance - a powerful combination.

The Ethos 54C is a condensing combination boiler that really delivers. As well as achieving the top SEDBUK A rated fuel efficiency, the boiler provides hot water at an unrivalled 25 litres/min. At last providing hot water as it should be

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